Being vegetarian means people who do not eat meat, seafood and are mainly on vegetarian foods. Making a transition to the holy Krishna vegetarian lifestyle can be achieved using these steps.
  1. Try vegetarian diet three to four times a week this will help in easing the urge to eat non veg. Try to educate with various benefits of leading the vegetarian life this will help in leading the Holy Krishna vegetarian life.
  2. Search on internet various dishes to cook this will help in leading the HKVL lifestyle.
  3. Food like eggplant, nuts, seeds and Soya Nugget can help you in leading healthy HKVL lifestyle.
  4. Always visit the Vegetarian Restaurant this will help you in leading HKVL.
  5. Keeping the meal simple with less oil and fried foods this will help you in keeping the calories under control, Good for the heart.
  6. Having friends which are vegetarian also good step to control the urges.
  7. Celebrate with your family  vegetarian foods.