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    Friday, September 4, 2015

    Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2016

    Wish You A Happy Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2016

    More than 5200 years have passed since the birth of Lord Krishna, and yet every year Janmashtami brings with it ever new joy. Those who have realized their blissful nature are not subject to the confines of lime. Lord Krishna’s presence was giving cheer, bliss and joy when he was living; however, his Janmashtami and His memory are still equally capable of imparting cheers, bliss and joyous life to us even after 5.000 years of His physical existence.

    Believe it or, not it is fact that man, does need joy

    If you fail to realize the joy of the inner Self, you will try to derive joy from drinking tea. Coffee or some other drink: but drink you must, for you simply can’t do without it. Once you get real joy, you will abstain from fake ones. Following this principle, Lord Krishna attracted all towards real joy.

    There is an episode in the Srimad Bhagavata. Nanda baba was caught by a python. The male and female cowherds beat it with their burning torches but the python would not release. In utter exasperation Nanda baba remembered Lord Krishna Who came to the spot and touched the head of the python with his foot.

     This brought about the emancipation of the python which instantly appeared in his true form and said: “I was a Vidyadhara (demigod) named Sudarshan. I had ridiculed the Rishis of the lineage of Angira Muni. So I as cursed by them to be born as a python because I had behaved just like a python towards them, as I prayed to them for mercy. They said: ‘When Lord Krishna incarnates on the earth, when lie touches I us holy foot to your head, you will be emancipated.”

    The incarnation of Lord Krishna is the one that makes the saints’ words come true. Gives joy to devotees and infuses courage, valour and strength in them and challenges the vicious perpetrators of injustice.

    The incarnation of Lord Krishna inspires us that although your spiritual discipline.

    Vrata. and philosophical outlook is good you should be prepared to put aside your narrow circles of family and neighbourhood when you have to serve society.ihc god ‘for the good of the many. for the happiness of the many’.

    Personal good should be denied to doing good to the family, and that should be denied for the good of the neighbourhood.

     Good of the neighbourhood should be sacrificed for the good of the village which should be sacrificed for the good of the State. And for the good of the nation, deny the good of the state and we should not give much importance even to our national interests compared to the good of entire humanity. And

    Maharaj! When it comes to marching ahead on the path of attaining the Lord of the world, even the entire world is negligible; do give preference to your outlook of considering the Lord of the world to be the ultimate essence.

    Japa done on the day of Janmashtami gives infinitely more results than that done on other days. Keeping vigil all night of Janmashtami while doing Japa meditation etc. has a special significance which is recommended . It is mentioned in the Bhavishya Purana & that the vrata of Janmashtami prevents untimely death. No case of miscarriage takes place in the house of those who observe the Vrata of Janmashtami.

    The Ekadashi Vrata is actually a wonderful divine boon that
    Destroys thousands and millions of sins, while the vrata of a single
    Janmashtami is equal to thousands of Ekadashi Vratas in producing meritorious results.

    One should be more self-restrained on Janmashtami day than on Ekadashi days.

    Dining out is like taking poison for a Sadhaka; but on Janmashtami, one ought to refrain from gluttony.  Avoid taking tea, breakfast or any cooked food available in the market.

    Rather. You should drink the spiritual nectar of fasting on this day. You take food and water every day; today you savour the divine joy and swallow the ego.

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