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    Tuesday, September 29, 2015

    Laxmi Puja Vidhi


    Laxmi Puja the most important puja in North India. Maa Laxmi represent's the health, wealth, Fortune and prosperity. She is wife of Vishnu who is the supreme god.

    Maha Laxmi Maa Description:

    She has four hands which represents the most important four goals of the life which is crucial to the any people life first hand represents the Dharma meaning the eternal law of the cosmos, second-hand represents the karma which means the sum of the person's action in this and the earlier states of the existence, viewed as the most important factor in deciding the fate in future existence of the person, third hand represents the Artha which means the wealth and power which at present age has the most important factor, and fourth hand represents the moksha which means release from the cycle of rebirth which depends on the karma.
    Maa Laxmi most powerful God in the Hindu religion has special importance in the northern India. During the prayer to the deity one has to make sure that house during that periods is clean and decorated to please the Devi to visit his home first thus blessing him.

    Diwali Festival

    During the festive season which is also called as the festival of the light, one has to decorate his home with Diya which are traditionally and available in various attractive designs.

    Using Online Puja SamagriPacks

    It is very important to do the puja in right way to please the god. To find the right and original Samagri one has to travel to various far places. These days it is very difficult to take the time due to busy schedule one may have.Even finding the pandit specially in the urban area due to high demand of the pandit's in that season it becomes difficult in doing the puja in right way. Finding the right online services to deliver the puja Samagri along with instructions for performing the puja is very crucial. Online portal's delivers the Samagri along with instruction's thus saving the time and money in this age where the time is money.
    Puja pack consists of the like Ganga Jal, Chandan, Dhoop, Agarbati, Red Cloth under guidance by experienced Pandit's from Mathura. 
    Instruction are included in the kit like facing the east direction, placement of the fresh banana's on the right side and other crucial instruction are in consultations with the leading pandit's from Mathura temple.
    Help Spread Message of God - Recieve the Krishna's Blessing.


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