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    Wednesday, October 21, 2015



    Barley is particularly rich in mineral matters. In this respect it is richer than wheat but its protein content I lower than that of wheat.

    It is a nutritive food. It is highly beneficial for the anemic and the nervous on account of its richness in iron and phosphorus. It is a Sattvic food. Spiritual aspirants take bread made out of barley. Barley has about the same nutritive value as whole wheat but it contains less gluten and so it not so easily made into bread.

    Barley water is useful in dysentery, typhoid, fevers, diarrhea, urinary diseases and diseases of kidneys. It has very little nutritive value. It is soothing and cooling. The value of barley water lies in its demulcent properties. It removes burning sensation in the urine and helps the free flow of urine.

    Pearl Barley is the whole barley. One toga of barley boiled in sixteen ounces of water makes a palatable and soothing drink. It can be mixed with lemon juice and sugar or salt to taste. You can add milk also. Boil for 10 or 15 minutes only.

    A tablespoonful of the powder (Robinson’s Barley) also can be used for preparing barley water.
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