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    Wednesday, October 21, 2015



    Curd is mixed with plenty of water and churned. This diluted and churned curd is called buttermilk.

    The buttermilk retains 10% of the vitamin A and the other two vitamins, proteins and sugar. It is, therefore an important article of diet. It is nearly as valuable as milk. Buttermilk has excellent medicinal qualities. It is a very good drink in dysentery. It is more a medicine. In dysentery and all forms of uric acid diseases buttermilk diet for a certain period will be highly beneficial. Buttermilk is more easily digestible than whole milk. It is astringent, light, cooling, appetizing, nutritive and tonic.

    It is useful in dyspepsia, digestive troubles, etc. Boiled rice and buttermilk is useful in diarrhea, dysentery, piles, dropsy, excessive thirst and burning in urine. This will increase the digestive fire. Cold rice and buttermilk removes burning in the body and biliousness. This will give good sleep.
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