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    Wednesday, October 21, 2015



    This is a kind of Keerai (leafy Vegetable in Tamil). The leaf and seed are used. The leaf is a refrigerant and laxative.

    The seed is a diuretic, demulcent, emmenagogue, astringent, emollient, aphrodisiac, carminative and tonic. The leaf is useful in flatulence or wind in the bowels, dullness of gastric or digestive fire, bronchitis, anorexia or disgust for food.

    Make a paste of the leaf, warm this and apply to swellings, burns and scalds. The swelling will we reduced and the burns will heal up quickly. Boil the leaves and churn them with honey. Eat them. You will have evacuation of the bowels. The bowels will be well cleansed. Pain in the chest, cough piles, ulcers in the bowels will be cured.

    Mix British figs with the leaves, grind them well and apply to boils and swellings. They will burst quickly. Boil the leaves, add butter and fry and eat. Giddiness due to biliousness will be cured.

    Add almonds, papaveris (Khas Khas), Sujee, ghee, milk and sugar to the leaves and makes a confection. This will give strength and beauty to the body. It is a good tonic. Pain in the waist will be cured.

    The seed is useful in dysentery, gonorrhea, and heat of the body, excessive thirst, cough and consumption. Fry the seeds and make a powder. Make a decoction of the powder. This is useful in pain in abdominal colic, flatulence or wind in the bowels, gonorrhea, dysentery and internal heat of the body. Boil rice with a little of seed and salt and ghee. Eat. This will increase the blood. This is a blood tonic. Fry the seed with a little ghee and powder it. Fry some wheat and powder it. Mix the two in equal parts. You can make this a substitute for coffee. Internal heat will be cured. Add the seed to the conjee. This will increase the milk in nursing mothers.

    Make a paste of the seed and apply it to the head. Keep it for some time and then take bath. Hairs will grow. It will prevent falling of hair. Soak some seeds in the curd for some time and then take the curd and the seed. This is beneficial in dysentery. Fry in ghee equal parts of a little methi seed, mustard, asafetida and turmeric. Powder them, mix them with boiled rice and eat. This is beneficial in stomach pain, abdominal colic, dysmenorrhoea, and swelling of liver and spleen.

    Fry a little dried chilli, mustard, methi seeds, Tuvar-ki-dhai, sweet Nim leaves and asafetida in a vessel and pour tamarind soup over this, add salt, cover the vessel. Let the soup be reduced to half quantity. Take this with rice. Indigestion, flatulence, anorexia or disgust for food will be cured. This is a good appetizer. Vendava Kolambu or soup is a great change when one is tired of too much Sambar or dhal soup. It is a good appetizer, stomachic and carminative.
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