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    Wednesday, October 21, 2015


    (Dedicated to the sun god, Pushan, also the god of nourishment)

    VERSION  1 :

    Right hand: The tips of the  thumb, index finger, and middle finger are on top of each other; the other fingers are extended.
    Left hand: The tips of the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger are on top of each other; the other fingers are extended.
    This mudra symbolizes accepting and receiving with the gesture of one  hand and letting things flow, giving, and letting go with the gesture of the other. Both should be coordinated with each other in digestion.  It influences the  enery.

    gy currents that are responsible for absorbing and utilizing food, as well as helping with elimination. It intensifies breathing and therefore the absorp• tion of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide in the lungs.

    It has a relax• ing effect on the solar plexus (the area of the stomach, liver, spleen, and gall• bladder), regulates energies in the autonomic nervous system, mobilizes energies of elimination, and detoxifies. It has  an  excellent effect  on  general or acute nausea, seasickness, flatulence, and that sensation  of fullness one feels  after meals.

    Of each other, the other fingers are extended.

    Left hand: Same as Version 1. Connecting the energies of the thumb, ring finger, and little finger  activates the   lower   digestive   process   and the
    elimination process. This mudra can be called the general energy pump. It stimulates the functions of the brain, a fact that has also been proved sci• entifically. The finger position of the right hand activates energy  in  the pelvic floor, like a smoldering fire that has been stoked. With the finger position of the left hand, the kindled energy is directed upward.  Every organ, the general mood, and thinking (concentration, memory, logic, enthusiasm, etc.) are positively influenced as a   result.

    These two mudras can be used as immediate help or practiced four times a day for 5 minutes in the case of chronic   complaints.
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