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    Wednesday, October 21, 2015


    (Spinacea Oleracea)

    Green leaves are the very basis of life. They help in the attainment of longevity. Nature compounds all the essentials of life in the green, leafy vegetables. In the green, leafy vegetable nature carries on her most elaborate vital alchemy. Spinach is put in the first place by the food experts. It should be used in abundance by every family. It is cheap, too.

    Spinach is a leafy vegetable. It contains iron abundance, and so it is beneficial for anemic patients whose blood is in an impoverished condition. Spinach has nutritive and medicinal value. It contains a large quantity of vitamins, calcium, vegetable hemoglobin and protein building amino acids. It is a protective food. There is a large quantity of alkaline minerals in spinach. Therefore, it maintains an effective resistance against infection.

    Spinach contains a small amount of oxalic acid, a small amount of albuminous matter in the form of mucin and a large quantity of vitamins A, B and C, and salts of potassium. The iron in spinach is easily assimilated.

    Spinach is very easily digested and forms an excellent, cooling, nutritious and demulcent dish. It should be cooked in a little water. No water should be thrown away after cooking as it contains much nutritious properties.

    Young, tender sprouts of spinach can be used in raw salads. They can be combined with tender lettuce leaves. It serves as a good appetizer. A liberal addition of green, leafy vegetables to pulses is very beneficial.

    Spinach is a good laxative and demulcent. It minimizes tissue waste. It has considerable anti-xerotic, anti-beriberi and anti-scorbutic properties. Raw tendrils are highly beneficial. Spinach is useful in diabetes, anemia and gout.

    The juice of the leaves can be given to children mixed with honey or sugar. The juice is useful in urinary calculi or stones. It dissolves the stone. It has lithontriptic properties. Spinach is useful in kidney troubles. The juice of the leaves is used as a gargle in sore throat.

    A decoction or an infusion of the leaves (1 in 10) is useful in fevers, biliary troubles, inflammation of the lungs and bowels, dyspnoea and hurried breathing. It acts as a demulcent, astringent and diuretic in these diseases. The dose is 1 or 2 ounces. Young, growing girls should eat plenty of spinach, as it provides iron in abundance in an easily assimilable form.
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