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    Wednesday, October 21, 2015



    Tamato is more a fruit than a vegetable. It is rich in alkali minerals and vitamins A, B and C. It is the richest of all foods in vitamins. Tomato contains potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, citric and malic acids 0.5 per cent, and oxalic acid. Tomato is very rich in food minerals, which keeps the blood alkaline and thus keeps up a high power of resistance to diseases. It is rich in all the three vitamins A, B and C, which most fruits and vegetables are deficient in one or more.

    Tomato stimulates the sluggish liver. It is beneficial in atonic dyspepsia. It is a good diuretic, and a good nerve and brain food. Tomato juice can be given to children and infants after each feed. It acts as an anti-scorbutic against infantile scurvy.

    Scurvy is a disease due t deficiency of vitamin C in the diet. The symptoms are loss of energy, pallor, bleeding gums, shortness of breath, etc. The use of tomatoes in sufficient quantity will prevent and cure scurvy. Tomato has high anti-scorbutic properties. Give one spoonful of juice to begin with for a child and gradually increase the quantity to 4 or 5 teaspoonfuls daily. This supplies vitamin.

    Tomato is cooling. It is a tonic, too. It is rich in iron. It purifies and enriches the blood in an effective manner. It cools the body. Tomato is a potent deobstruent. It removes the diseased particles and opens freely the natural channels of the body. The fruit is eaten in a raw state. Do not leave the skin. Take the entire fruit. The unripe tomato is made into a currie and eaten. The ripe fruit is used in making pepper water (Rasam) and ‘pachchadie’ with curd.

    A tomato poultice is useful in foul ulcers. It cleanses them beautifully and promotes healing. It should be changed very often and applied hot.

    Food Medicines for all
    Here are a few common diseases and their treatment by fruits and vegetables.

    Diseases Remedies
    Acidosis Cabbage.
    Asthma Orange or lemon juice with honey.
    Blood-pressure Orange and other fruits.
    Constipation Raisins, figs, dates.
    Cold Dates, lemons.
    Cough Lemon juice, or onion juice with honey.
    Diabetes Spinach, lettuce, cabbage, grapes,
    Coconut, leafy vegetables.
    Diarrhoea Lemon juice with water.
    Dysentery Plantain with milk. Ginger with sugar.
    Dandruff Apply lemon or onion juice.
    Eye trouble Lemon juice diluted with water (1 to 8).
    Put one or two drops.
    For hair diseases Carrots, Onion juice, Lemon juice or curds.
    Heart troubles Tomato.
    Headache Apply lemon juice.
    Indigestion Ginger, cucumber, papaya and pineapple.
    Influenza Lemons.
    Itches Lemon juice with honey.
    Liver troubles Tomato, apples, and figs.
    Leprosy Brahmi leaves.
    Mental disorders Grapes.
    Nervous debility Apple.
    Piles Radish, lemons.
    Rheumatism Potato, orange, lemons.
    Sleeplessness Juice of one onion with honey at bedtime.
    Skin diseases Lemon juice.
    Tonsils Orange or lemon juice. Apply honey
    Mixed with slaked lime.
    Vigour Dates soaked in milk.
    Worms Lemon, orange or Amla juice with honey.
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