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    Tuesday, February 16, 2016

    Happy Maha Shivaratri on March 7 2016

    The form of Shiva gives a unique message

    “Shiva” means auspiciousness personified. Lord Shiva is verily the supreme well-wisher, doing Supreme good to all beings; even His outer form provides guidance to all of mankind.

    The abode of lord Shiva is said to be situated on Mount Kalash in the Himalayas. it’s symbolic Meaning is: The inner state of Jnani (a Self-realized One) is lofty. His heart is full of peace and Magnanimity. Knowledge is always resident in the higher chakras. lf ever your mind becomes Lustful, lift your concentration to the higher Chakras so that the lust may not have its way.

    The river Ganga springs from the matted hair of Lord Shiva, which means the pious river of Knowledge flows from the crown of the Jnani. They have all such faculties as enable them to solve Even the most complex problems very easily. Lord Shiva wears the crescent moon of Dooj (thesecond lunar day) on his matted head. The crescent moon of Dooj stands for the growth potential; or alternatively, it indicates the generosity of the enlightened ones who are ever prepared to acquire even the smallest virtue found inj ust anyone.

    Lord Shiva is called the “Neel-Kantha” (the One who has a blue throat because of holding the Halahala poison therein). Great ones hold the obstacles or problems that may disturb others (like the poison Halahala which emerged during the churning ofthe ocean of milk) in their own throat. They neither swallow nor vomit it. Lord Shiva is called Mahadeva and Bholanath the Lord of the naive and innocent. The gods seized the Amrit (nectar) and Indra seized the Uehchaihshrava horse, Airavata elephant etc. when they emerged during the churning of the ocean; but when the deadly poison Halahala emerged; Lord Shiva came forward and held it in His throat. The head of a family or Society should use their luxuries and belongings for the good of others, and not for themselves. If ever there arises a life-threatening condition like sipping in the deadly poison, you must move forward for the same; and by doing this you will develop virtues like Neel-Kantha (Lord Shiva).

    Whenever an occasion arises of success and honour attribute it to others; but when there comes an Occasion of working, serving or facing criticism -shoulder it yourself; and by doing this you will start developing the quality of matchless equanimity.

    Lord Samba Sadashiva is the Aadiguru (the first and original preceptor) from whom the disciple Succession for learning the knowledge of Brahman began. Performing worship in a temple of Lord Samba Sadashiva on the night of Maha shivaratri to propitiate Him is fine but you should also find an opportunity to do mental worship of Lord Shiva with devotional love in solitude. telling Him:  “Oh Bholenath Whenever l feel tempted towards the worldly attractions and external  material objects, may I turn my mind inwards by visualizing Thy supremely auspicious form and remembering. Thy grace to become immersed in Thy essential nature (Shiva Taattva)."  “Sankara (Lord Shiva) communed with His True Self and passed into an unbroken and indefinitely long Samadhi Goddess Parvati went to test the divinity of Lord Rama and then prevaricated while telling the truth to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva thought: ‘Untoward incidences keep occurring in the outer world’ Shiva instantly communed with his True Self and became engrossed in an unbroken and indefinitely long Samadhi. You too must make the most of this great opportunity to get absorbed within while worshipping and intensely meditating on such great Lord Shiva Who remains ever established in Samadhi.

    The substratum of both creation and destruction always keeps shining in Lord Shiva. Although He is the god of destruction, His image is phallus (Shivalinga or Lingam) which stands for creative energy. This has been the excellence of our culture. Flowers and thorns are but produced from the same source; similarly, the powers of creation and destruction Originate from the same Source. Life and death are occurring in the same Truth. Pleasure and pain are sports of the same Truth. Honour and insult are events occurring and appearing in the same Witness Consciousness. Good health and sickness, life and death, childhood and old age all are appearing verily in the same Shiva Taattva, your Witness Consciousness.
    This is a very liberal method of explaining the secret of Sanatana Dharma. It is a subtle, Subtler and subtlest illustration of the most profound philosophy. “I shall declare to thee in full knowledge combined with realisation, which being known, nothing more here remains to be known.” (The Bhagavad Gita: 7.2)
    Which upon being attained, nothing more remains to be attained. There is no gain superior to that of the Self. Such is the occasion of Shivaratri as would be highly helpful in attaining the Self.

    If possible, take only milk and fruit on this day. Take only Sattvik fruit etc. but in moderation. This will cause the flow of Life Energy (Prana Shakti) predominantly in the higher Chakras. Lf practicable, observe the vow of silence on the day of Shivaratri.

    The Greatest Worship is Mental Worship

     “One should become divine in order to be able to worship God.” The
    Sadhaka says, “O Bholenathl O Thou Blissful Consciousness!! What religious materials should I use to worship Thee? Which things should I select for offering at Thy lotus feet? All devotees make petty offerings; but let me offer Thee verily my mind and intellect. People offer a foliage of the Baer' (wood-apple) tree composed of three leaflets; but those who offer the three Gunas (Sattva, Rojas and Tamas) instead are very dear to Lord Shiva. Many people perform the worship by offering milk and curd as Argya and Padya (for ceremonious washing of the Lingam), but I perform that worship through my mind and intellect only.
    Many of them light the diyas (an earthen or metal lamp) using ghee or vegetable oil, but O Lord Bholenath! The real lamp of knowledge is lit in the heart.
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