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    Wednesday, February 1, 2017

    5 secrets by Vivekananda to lead a successful life

    Learn ways to lead a successful life

    Swami Vivekananda has not only redefined the way people lived their lives but also taught the world howto develop selfless mental attitude. The day he was born i.e. January 12 is celebrated as the National youth Day.

    5 laws by Vivekananda that are mentioned below can surely enable youto lead a very successful life

    ·         Law 1

    It is the outlook of a person that matters that most. The same world may appear to be beautiful or ugly and everything depends upon your perspective. So always see the things in a positive way.

    ·         Law2

    You must always believe in your inner strength and always try to put your maximum efforts in a task to achieve the best outcome.

    ·         Law3

    The happiness which you can have while giving is far bigger than when you receive .So whether it is the materialistic things or love you will feel happy when you help someone in need. The contentment which you will have while donating and helping someone in need is far greater than receiving gifts.

    ·         Law4

    When you are in confusion, always listen to your soul. You will always get the honest and best advice from your soul and practising meditation is the best way to end all your confusions and to seek answers from your inner self.

    ·         Law 5
    If you want to achieve the real pleasure of life, it is the love which can help you to achieve the same. It is the love which is the most crucial component in life and it imparts you the ways to live and die selflessly.

    Perfectly unselfish person is the most successful

    For true success in life a person must not ask for returns and it is the perfectly unselfish person who turns out to be the most successful-person in the end.

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