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    Monday, April 3, 2017

    Sharpen the intellect of kids from young age

    Sharpen the intellect of kids from young age

    You must be aware of the fact that genetics coupled with good nutrition, some amount of playtime and exercise can nurture the intelligence of your child. But what can be done to boost children’s IQ? In today’s time, the child development experts are coming up with the varieties oftech toys and computer programs to sharpen the child’s mental abilities. There are plenty of other techniques too which can be utilized to boost child’s intellect from early age.

    Do you want your child to be super achiever? Try the below mentioned brain development strategies
    Play strategy games

    Games of strategy just like chess, monopoly and even battleship can encourage critical thinking and also exercise the cells of the brain. While playing such games the critical thinking and the problem solving abilities of the children get sharpen.

    ·         Connection with child

    Nurture a very close and highly affectionate relationship with your kid. Make a clear eye contact while communicating with yourchild. If you demonstrate the kid how important learning new skills are, then child will also try to observe and learn new things from the early years of life.

    ·         Proper sleep

    It is quite imperative that your kid gets at leasteight hours of daily sleep. A child requires a good sleep at night as this will ensure that whatever he has learnt stays in the roots of his brain.

    ·         Encourage your kid to exercise

    Regular exercise will increase the blood flow to the brain of the children and results in the formation of new brain cells.Exercise is undeniably good for adults too but has lots more positive impact on the brain development of children.

    Early stimulation with lot of experiences triggers child’s brain development

    The child’s mental development and intelligence can be stimulated by inculcating some of the basic habits in the child’s normal routine. When the child is provided with early stimulation and also variety of experiences, then the brain development of the child is accelerated.

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