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    Thursday, June 1, 2017

    Tips for weight loss

    5 easy tips for weight loss in a natural way
    People are advised to do many crazy things for weight loss but some of the things have no evidence behind them. Over the years, weight loss experts have found many strategies to lose weight in a natural way. Here are few weight loss tips which are actually evidence based and you can try them easily to shed weight and stay fit.
    ·         Drink water before meals
    Weight loss professionals claim that drinking water before meals can help you to loose weight. It can boost your metabolism by 24 to 30% in around 1 to 1.5 hours and enable you to burn off your calories effectively.
    ·         Drink green tea
    Green tea contains less amount of caffeine and it is also loaded with variety of antioxidants which work synergistically with the caffeine to burn body fat.
    ·         Cook food using coconut oil
    Coconut oil is very healthy and contains medium chain triglycerides which are known to boost metabolism to the extent of 120 calories in a day. Coconut oil also reduces the appetite of a person.
    ·         Cut on the sugar consumption
    Sugar consumption is associated with the increased risk of obesity and diabetes. You can cut back on your sugar consumption and just read on the labels of food items to check out the sugar content present.
    ·         Consume low carbohydrate diet
    The reduction of the carbohydrate consumption can help a person to lose 2 to 3 times more weight than the standard low fat diet along with the improvement in the overall health.
    Nourish your body and mind to get best results
    Instead of going on a diet, just make little changes in your daily food habits and you will be healthier, fitter and happy person in the long run. Nourish your body and mind to achieve the perfect body shape.

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