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    Saturday, July 1, 2017

    Simple ways to increase your IQ

    Simple ways to increase your IQ
    Six simple ways to increase your IQ level
    IQ (Intelligent quotient) is the measurement of the mental agility or the comprehension speed of a person. Some people believe IQ is fixed and can’t be changed. But the fact is human brain is highly malleable and a person can easily improve the functioning of his brain .By adopting certain learning strategies, the ability of a person to acquire, retain ,comprehend and apply knowledge increases.
    Given below are certain ways to increase your IQ level and improve the functioning of your brain.
    • Explore new things
    While learning new things we create new neutral pathways as well. Learning new things is a way to improve neurogenesis.
    • Physical exercise
    Physical exercise improves the blood flow and also the oxygenation of brain improves. Good physical health promotes good mental health too.
    • Get enough sound sleep
    Lack of sleep also impairs the mental functioning of the brain and retards the areas of alertness, attention span, concentration and all also all major areas of mental function. Adequate hours of sound sleep are essential for sound mental health.
    • Eat healthy and well balanced diet
    Brain requires essential nutrients to perform at its optimum level. Eating well balanced diet leads to healthy functioning of the brain.
    • Stop smoking
    Cigarette contains certain types of toxins that impair brain activity and it has been found to be associated with long term decline in cognitive skills.
    • Meditation
    Meditation has large number of proven beneficial effects on brain like it improves concentration, attention span of a person and improves his creative skills and alertness too.
    Nourish your brain just as you nourish your body
    Human brain can perform better under the right training and supervision. The IQ level doesn’t remain stagnant over a long period of time and can be improved with the right training of the brain and exposure to better learning environment and newer perspectives. Nourish your brain just as you do your body to improve your intelligence over a period of time.

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