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    Sunday, October 1, 2017

    Never ever ignore these intuitive messages from your body

    Never ever ignore these intuitive messages from your body

    What is intuition?

    Intuition is something that works throughout our thought processes, ideas, dreams, visions and also our bodies. A person should always learn the right ways to tune into his intuitive senses. This is going to help him/her in effective decision making. The person will also be able to avoid dangers in his life and can manage stress and live peacefully.

    Every person has a gut feeling

    When you will have a better understanding of what intuition is and how this intuition mechanism operates, you will be guided all through your life. Every person has that gut feeling .The only difference is some people have more than others.
    Give below are some of the warning signals that come from your higher self and you should never ignore it.

    Recurring dreams

    Are you dreaming about the same thing again and again or same event is occurring again and again in your life. Well it may be a message to you and you have to look for the clues and follow them. Try to make sense of why this thing is happening to you and figure out a reason for it.

    You have a feeling something is wrong

    Sometimes you have a feeling deep down in your gut that something is wrong. Never ignore it. Go with your intuitive feelings and keep yourself alert. Look for some signs around and you can also take second or third opinions unless and until it is proved that your gut feeling is right or wrong.

    Ringing ears

    Well ringing your ears is a sign of confirmation. It can be any kind of confirmation about a decision made by you and giving you the nudge that what you feel is right even when others do not agree with you.


    Dizziness is a symbol of chaotic energy around you and you have to pay attention to where you are at present and what all you are doing. It can also be a signal of spirit energy or some kind of deeper connections with other side.

    Intuitive senses can guide you all throughout your life

    Intuitive powers can guide you all through your life. It just like your muscles, the more you work with them the stronger they will become.

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