Join us Today in our Mission

Join us Today in our Mission

Holy Krishna empowers the community to become change leaders to drive the positive social impact.

What it takes to be HK Member 10 min a week can make difference to the life of the community.

How can you contribute?

Choice 1: Writer (Article, Blog)

If you possess the qualities or want to upgrade your skills contribute to the website with articles and Blog.

 Choice 2:  Website Moderator

Being a forum moderator offers a good learning experience and a taste of authority, but it feels a lot different from participating as a regular member. As a moderator, you have to go where you are needed and spend time handling flagged posts.

 Choice 3:  Spreading the message

You can Spread the message by Facebook and twitter posts of these types with link to

1. Posts

2. Photos

3. Videos


5. Content

Choice 4 : Inviting members

Choice 5 : Story telling


What we do it is just a beginning but every drop makes an Ocean


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