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Holy Krishna empowers the community to become change leaders to drive the positive social impact.

What it takes to be HK Member 10 min a week can make difference to the life of the community.

How can you contribute?

Choice 1: Writer (Article, Blog)

If you possess the qualities or want to upgrade your skills contribute to the website with articles and Blog.

Choice 2:  Website Moderator

Being a forum moderator offers a good learning experience and a taste of authority, but it feels a lot different from participating as a regular member. As a moderator, you have to go where you are needed and spend time handling flagged posts.

Choice 3:  Spreading the message

You can Spread the message by Facebook and twitter posts of these types with link to HolyKrishna.com:

1. Posts

2. Photos

3. Videos


5. Content

Choice 4 : Inviting members

Choice 5 : Story telling


What we do it is just a beginning but every drop makes an Ocean

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